Hi, I'm Amy

ceo/founder at cosmic ceo

Primary Archetype: Phoenix
Aura Archetype: Innovator
Soul Archetype: Goddess

Welcome to your sanctuary for entrepreneurial empowerment.

Generic advice often fails to fit because every entrepreneur has unique archetypes shaping their approach to business. That's why I created the Cosmic CEO Archetypes framework— to help entrepreneurs like you tap into your inherent strengths and align with your Cosmic DNA.

In my journey, my Primary Phoenix Archetype fuels transformation and resilience, constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible. My Innovator Aura infuses my approach with groundbreaking ideas, while the Goddess in my Soul Archetype adds a layer of beauty, luxury, and exclusivity.

These archetypes aren't just labels; they're actionable guides that make my business resonate authentically with who I am.

Ready to align your business efforts with your cosmic blueprint? Take the Cosmic CEO Archetypes Quiz and discover your own powerful blend of archetypes. Understanding your unique business persona can revolutionize how you show up in your business world.

Here at Cosmic CEO, we're not about one-size-fits-all strategies. We're about aligning your business with your authentic self to create something uniquely yours.

Your transformative journey toward aligned and effortless entrepreneurship starts here, and I'm honored to be your guide.

xx Amy