Unlock Purpose & Fulfillment in Your Entrepreneurial Journey with the Cosmic CEO Archetypes

Transform your approach to business by discovering your unique leadership archetype. Move beyond cookie-cutter strategies and experience the fulfillment that comes from a business that's authentically aligned with your core self.

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Why Just Exist When You Can Thrive?

The Cosmic CEO Archetypes are your roadmap to a business life enriched with purpose and fulfillment. Based on decades of research, they help you uncover your inherent strengths, ideal work styles, leadership tendencies, and so much more.

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Cosmic CEO™ Archetypes | Alpha

Bold and decisive leaders, Alphas blaze trails with their relentless ambition and drive.

Cosmic CEO™ Archetypes | Innovator

Pioneering and inventive, Innovators break boundaries with their fresh, revolutionary ideas.

Cosmic CEO™ Archetypes | Visionary

Futuristic thinkers, Visionaries dream big and see potential where others don't.

Cosmic CEO™ Archetypes | Messenger

Eloquent and influential, Messengers illuminate paths with their compelling, transformative messages.

Cosmic CEO™ Archetypes | Strategist

Analytical and methodical, Strategists masterfully design the roadmap to business success.

Cosmic CEO™ Archetypes | Dreamer

Imaginative and optimistic, Dreamers captivate with their infectious enthusiasm, painting vivid pictures of what could be.

Cosmic CEO™ Archetypes | Goddess

Empowering and graceful, Goddesses effortlessly blend strength and compassion, nurturing their ventures to flourish.

Cosmic CEO™ Archetypes | Mystic

Intuitive and spiritual, Mystics harness the energies of the universe, embedding deep wisdom into their endeavors.

Cosmic CEO™ Archetypes | Phoenix

Resilient and transformative, Phoenixes rise from challenges renewed, turning setbacks into powerful comebacks.

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Why Cosmic CEO Archetypes?

In a world filled with generic business advice and one-size-fits-all solutions, my Cosmic CEO Archetypes framework offers a groundbreaking alternative. I go beyond conventional wisdom to offer a blend of entrepreneurial skills with cosmic insight.

Unlock Your True Potential
Tap into your inherent strengths and Cosmic DNA to manifest your highest self in your business.

A New Paradigm
Replace hustle with alignment, inviting more joy, and meaning into your entrepreneurial journey.

Authenticity Unleashed
Make authenticity your competitive edge and create a brand that's as unique as your cosmic blueprint.

Scalability Through Alignment
Align your actions with your core self for effortless growth—financially, personally, and spiritually.

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Amy Adams // Cosmic CEO

Hi, I'm Amy

ceo/founder at cosmic ceo

Primary Archetype: Phoenix
Aura Archetype: Innovator
Soul Archetype: Goddess

Welcome to your sanctuary for entrepreneurial empowerment.

I created the Cosmic CEO Archetypes to be more than a business framework. It's a transformative journey that aligns your business with your deepest self, unlocking not just financial rewards but also a rich sense of purpose and fulfillment.

In my own business journey, I embody the transformation of the Phoenix, the trailblazing spirit of the Innovator, and the grace of the Goddess. These archetypes are not just labels; they're actionable pathways to a business and life filled with meaning.

Discover your own powerful blend of archetypes by taking the free Cosmic CEO Archetypes Quiz. When your business resonates with your authentic self, you'll find not just success, but a profound sense of purpose and fulfillment.

I'm honored to guide you in this transformative, soul-aligning adventure.

xx Amy