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Magic Moon Society

Tackle your to-do list, fueled by the energy of the New Moon and the support of a private community

So you can finally ditch the overwhelm, and make clear & actionable progress in your business!

Does this sound like you?

  • You feel stuck
  • You are completely overwhelmed with tasks in your business and don’t know how to start
  • You're tired of working in isolation
  • You've dabbled with moon energy a little and you're ready to try more 
  • You want a community of entrepreneurs who get it

Try Magic Moon Society. It’s an energetic co-working space for cosmic entrepreneurs. We come together online for 2 weeks each month, beginning on the New Moon, to work on our to-do lists, and make forward progress in our businesses.

Magic Moon Society is easy, practical & actionable. In the community, we...

Set & declare intentions for the New Moon
Harness the Moon's energy to fuel our projects
Hold each other accountable
Tackle our to-do lists
Celebrate our accomplishments on the Full Moon!
Promote & share our work with the group

Have you ever had this experience…

You have a big project or task to do. Maybe it’s packing up your home to move, maybe it’s assembling a piece of furniture, or maybe it’s cooking a holiday meal. And you just want to have some company while you work. Even if that other person doesn’t pitch in and help you, just having them there gives you the oomph you need to get started and complete the task. 

It’s the same in our online businesses. As entrepreneurs, we work in a bubble. It’s like lockdown all the time for us. 😂 We have friends online who understand what it’s like to run a business from home, but they're not here IRL. And then we have friends IRL, but they don’t understand the business side of things. 

It can be very lonely, and frankly, unproductive when we don’t have like-minded company to sit with us. 

That’s why I founded Magic Moon Society. Every month I was following the Moon’s phases in my business to give me a boost of energy, but no one IRL understood me, and I didn’t have a good place to connect with my online cosmic entrepreneur friends. 

So I created the space I needed (and desired).  

I'm Amy. 👋🏻 

I've been a full-time entrepreneur since 2003 (oh geez, that's 20 years!). One of the reasons I started working for myself is that I don't like to be around a lot of people (well, that, and the whole taking-orders-from-someone-else thing didn't work for me).

I'm a sensitive Pisces with Cancer Rising, an extreme introvert, a 2/4 Splenic Projector, and very private & reserved. 

I NEEDED to work for myself, by myself, and from home.

BUT.... then. 

then, then, then.

I was lonely. And felt very misunderstood by my friends & family. 

(My line 2 was saying "eek! Leave me alone!" while my line 4 was saying "where are all my people???" If you're into HD, you know... 😂)

I wanted a space where I could go when I was ready for "people time" and get the support, friendship, connection, and inspiration that I craved, from other entrepreneurs who get it

So, welcome to Magic Moon Society (MMS). A magical space where we can all co-work (as much or as little as we feel like), connect, get advice, ask questions, get clarity, support each other, provide motivation & accountability, AND use the fabulous energy of the New Moon to fuel us forward so we can actually get stuff done. 

You are invited. I'd love to have you here. We're just getting started, so you'll be a founding beta member (how cool is that?). Together we'll make something exceptional. ❤︎

xx Amy

Imagine making tangible progress in your business, supported by a community that gets it.

This is the productivity membership for cosmic entrepreneurs

Here's a sneak peek inside the MMS membership portal




Inside the membership, there's accountability, co-working events, monthly affirmations, crystal & candle suggestions for attuning to the moon, prompts & nudges from me to help keep you motivated (my defined Heart center loves to motivate people!!!), a moon journal, meditations and lots of magic & fun! 

If this sounds like a "YES," I invite you to join us!

how it works


  • Day 1 - New Moon. Use the ritual workbook and the new moon journal to get clarity around what to work on in the next two weeks.
  • Days 2-13 - Take Action. Begin working through your action items. Pop into the community for support, to connect to your accountability partner, to share your progress, and get feedback.
  • Day 14 - Full Moon Celebration! The hard work is done. Pop in the group, we want to celebrate with you!
  • Day 15 - Share Your Work. Promote your new thing in the group so we can all see it. This is your chance to get eyes on your business and maybe pick up some new fans. 
Magic Moon Society

What's included:

  • Online community (in Heartbeat, NOT Facebook) with prompts & accountability threads so that you stay focused & on track
  • Accountability partner so that you have someone to offer encouragement & motivation
  • Monthly co-working events on Zoom so that you can tap into the energy of others & boost your inspiration
  • Monthly affirmation, crystal & candle suggestions so that you can attune to the Moon and draw more creative energy from her
  • Downloadable journal, ritual workbook & meditation so that you can get crystal clear on your intentions & create an action plan

I designed the membership to be a very easy experience (even if you're a beginner to entrepreneurship, or to using Moon cycles). It's all hosted in Heartbeat, which is a private community with apps for iOS, Android & desktop. You'll be able to easily access all the info, downloads, and community support right from your phone.

As an added bonus

Every month you'll have the opportunity to showcase your finished project in the community

Whether it’s a new paid product, lead magnet, blog, podcast, website, sales page… we want to see! It’s the perfect opportunity to get eyes on your offer (and potentially new buyers or subscribers!). 🤩

A Productivity & Accountability Membership for Cosmic Entrepreneurs

who want to work by themselves, but DON'T want to work by themselves, anymore.


When does Magic Moon begin & end?

This is a rolling membership. We begin every month on the New Moon (dates change with the moon calendar), and we  work on getting stuff done in our businesses. It's like a big co-working session, keeping each other motivated during the two-week cycle from New Moon to Full Moon. Then we break for two weeks before starting the cycle again. 

What if I don't want to join the Heartbeat community?

This probably won't be a good fit for you. All of the conversations, accountability, resources and magic happens inside the private Heartbeat community. 

Who is this for?

It's for cosmic entrepreneurs who need a bit of extra energy and motivation to accomplish the big projects they've been putting off in their businesses. If you love the moon, magic, mystical stuff, and working on your business, this is the place for you!

How long do I have to access the membership?

As long as you want! This is a monthly membership, meaning you'll be charged on a recurring basis every month. You can cancel at any time and your access to the community will be removed. Of course, you're welcome back at any time. :) 

Will I get private coaching from Amy?

No, there's no private coaching included with this membership.

Can I cancel any time?

Yes, definitely! You can cancel anytime you want. You won't be refunded for any payments already made, but once you cancel, your future monthly billing will stop. 

Are You Ready?