Your primary archetype is the


Voices Guiding Visions

Your Cosmic CEO Archetype is the Messenger. Eloquent and intuitive, you have an innate gift for conveying ideas, inspiring change, and driving innovation through articulate communication. Let's delve into what this signifies for you and how you can channel these attributes to shape your entrepreneurial narrative.

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What does it mean to be a Messenger?

Being a Messenger means you have the power to influence and inspire through articulate communication. You are agile, adaptable, and often viewed as a beacon in your domain.

Here are a few topics we'll be exploring in your quiz results:

Voice with Vision:

Unearth your natural ability to shape narratives, sharing wisdom and insights that leave a lasting impact.

Adaptable Agility:

Explore the nimbleness in your approach, understanding how you pivot your messaging in real-time based on the needs of your audience.

Influence with Integrity:

Delve into your persuasive prowess. Recognize the impact of your words and the change they can bring about.

Endless Enlightenment:

Unravel your continuous journey of learning and sharing. Realize the avenues you take to inspire and educate.

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You're not just part of the conversation; you lead it. With your finger on the pulse of industry trends, you're frequently the first to share insights, innovations, and perspectives.

Thought Leadership

For you, money is both a tool for amplifying your message and a means of investing in platforms or avenues that allow for greater communication. You see financial resources as a way to spread knowledge, drive education, and effect change. Your investments often reflect ventures that align with your values of clarity, articulation, and adaptability.

Money Mindset

Your vision is anchored in the power of storytelling and impactful communication. Strategically, you understand the nuances of your audience, enabling you to tailor your message for maximum resonance. You prioritize adaptability, ready to pivot your strategy based on the evolving needs and feedback of your community.

Strategy & Vision

Your creativity thrives in finding new, dynamic ways to communicate and share wisdom. Whether through pioneering tech platforms, innovative content strategies, or groundbreaking narratives, you're always on the hunt for the next big thing in effective and inspirational communication.

Creativity & Innovation

While you value clear and precise messaging, you're not averse to taking calculated risks, especially if it means breaking new ground in your field. Whether it's adopting a new communication platform before others or challenging prevailing narratives, you're ready to take bold steps if it amplifies the message.


Your voice is your superpower. Whether written or spoken, your words resonate, guiding, inspiring, and influencing. You have the uncanny ability to present complex ideas with simplicity and conviction.

Communication Style

Continual learning is paramount for you. Whether it's mastering new communication tools, studying evolving societal narratives, or honing your public speaking skills, you're always seeking ways to amplify your influence. You understand that the more you grow, the wider and more profound your reach becomes.

Personal Development

More Messenger Magic...

As a master communicator and agile thinker, when you choose to embrace your Messenger Archetype, you also choose to:

  • Adopt a clear, persuasive communication style that ensures understanding, connection, and motivation.
  • Harness the power of adaptability to stay relevant, resonating with a dynamic audience and ever-changing landscapes.
  • Prioritize the sharing of wisdom, innovations, and stories, setting the narrative in your field and beyond.

Notable Messengers

You're in esteemed company. Here are a few famous Messengers who echo your entrepreneurial spirit:

Oprah Winfrey: Renowned for her charisma and influence, Oprah has used her platform to inspire, educate, and change lives. Her empathetic approach and genuine desire to uplift others make her a quintessential Luminary.

Malcolm Gladwell: The renowned author and public speaker has a knack for taking complex ideas, stories, and research and presenting them in a compelling, digestible manner. His books, like "The Tipping Point" and "Outliers," communicate groundbreaking insights in ways that have influenced countless readers.

Maya Angelou: An acclaimed poet, writer, and civil rights activist, Angelou’s powerful words and unyielding spirit illuminated the challenges faced by Black women, teaching countless souls about resilience, love, and the power of storytelling. Her life journey and profound insights inspire generations to seek understanding and foster unity.

Barbara Walters: As a groundbreaking journalist and television personality, Walters has communicated and shared stories with the public for decades. Her interviews have often dug deep, uncovering truths and insights from her subjects.

Key Traits of the Messenger

Cosmic CEO™ Archetypes | Messenger


Your words carry weight, steering opinions, and fostering change in your domain and beyond.

Cosmic CEO™ Archetypes | Messenger


You adjust seamlessly to new information and audiences, ensuring your communications are always timely and relevant.

Cosmic CEO™ Archetypes | Messenger


Your thoughts and words resonate with unparalleled clarity, ensuring that your message is always understood and impactful.

Cosmic CEO™ Archetypes | Messenger


With an agile mind, you're quick to pick up on shifts, responding promptly and pertinently.

Cosmic CEO™ Archetypes | Messenger


Your gift for phrasing and articulation ensures that your messages are both eloquent and effective.

Cosmic CEO™ Archetypes | Messenger


Behind your messaging is a depth of understanding and knowledge, adding credibility and weight to your words.

Cosmic CEO Archetypes | Messenger Keywords

Messenger in a snapshot

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Your Messenger Challenge

Your challenge is to ensure that while you're an effective communicator, you also remain an active listener. 

This week, prioritize listening as much as speaking, and observe the difference it makes in your interactions.

Connect with Fellow Messengers

Within our exclusive Heartbeat community, discuss everything from Human Design and CC Archetypes to astrology and entrepreneurship. I'd love for you to be part of our conversation. Hope to see you there!


While you soar high with your words, keep in mind these potential growth areas:

  • Balanced Dialogue: While your strength is communication, ensure it's not one-sided. Engage in active listening to foster more meaningful exchanges.
  • Over-Adaptation: Your adaptability is a strength, but ensure it doesn't dilute your core message or identity. Remain true to your foundational values.
  • Audience Overload: With so much to share, there's a risk of overwhelming your audience. Streamline your content, focusing on quality over quantity.

On your cosmic journey, these inherent attributes steer your course:

  • Eloquent Expression: Your unmatched articulation makes complex ideas accessible and impactful.
  • Adaptive Agility: Your ability to pivot keeps your messaging relevant and resonant.
  • Narrative Nurturing: Your stories and insights shape perspectives, enlightening many.
  • Informed Influence: Armed with wisdom and clarity, you steer conversations and trends.
  • Continuous Connection: Your engagement with audiences is ongoing, fostering trust and loyalty.


What are the Cosmic CEO Archetypes?

The Cosmic CEO Archetypes are nine unique profiles that provide insights into different entrepreneurial styles and characteristics. These archetypes, based on 20 years of research in astrology & Human Design, help you understand your inherent strengths, preferred work styles, leadership tendencies, communication habits, and more. Each archetype - Alpha, Innovator, Visionary, Messenger, Strategist, Dreamer, Goddess, Mystic and Phoenix - embodies a specific set of traits that can illuminate your path to entrepreneurial success.

How do I find out my Archetypes?

You already did! You've done the hard part and completed the quiz. Next, be on the lookout for emails from me with detailed results about your Primary, Aura & Soul Archetypes.

What's the importance of the Primary, Aura, and Soul Archetypes?

In the Cosmic CEO Archetype system, we focus on your Archetype Trinity - the top three archetypes that create your Cosmic DNA. Each type of archetype serves a different purpose, highlighting unique aspects of your entrepreneurial journey:

  • Your Primary Archetype, illuminated on this page, is the foundation of your entrepreneurial style. It reveals your natural approach to business, your leadership style, how you manage resources, and your perspective toward risks and challenges.
  • Your Aura Archetype, included the Trinity Report arriving via email, supplements your primary style. It reflects how you present yourself to the world, your networking approach, and how others perceive you in business interactions. It's like the 'energy' you exude in your professional relationships.
  • Your Soul Archetype, also included the Trinity Report arriving via email, delves into the deep-seated aspects of your entrepreneurial spirit. It showcases your core motivations, the direction of your personal growth, and the values that drive your business decisions. This is the part of you that remains constant, anchoring your business endeavors regardless of external changes.

Understanding these three archetypes can provide a comprehensive view of your strengths and unique approach to entrepreneurship. 

What does this mean for me?

While astrology captures our inherent tendencies at the moment of our birth, your Cosmic CEO Archetypes represent the entrepreneur you have grown into through life experiences, lessons, and evolving worldviews. They are the reflection of who you've become while navigating life's journey.

All nine archetypes exist within us, but it's the harmonious interplay of your top three – the Primary, Aura, and Soul – that molds you into a unique entrepreneur, paving your distinct path of individuality.

By discovering your Cosmic CEO Archetype Trinity and integrating it into your business, you'll unlock a profound level of authenticity. This authentic expression not only magnetizes clients and customers, but it also fortifies you against burnout, bolsters your confidence, and enhances your personal power.

Embark on this captivating journey with me to unveil your unique archetypes, and in doing so, master your individual entrepreneurial style. Let's harness the power of your uniqueness and step into the entrepreneurial potential that is distinctly yours.

Remember, being a Messenger is about connecting, influencing, and enlightening. Use your unique voice to guide your entrepreneurial journey and leave a legacy of wisdom and change.

✨ Meet Amy, Your Cosmic Guide ✨

Primary Archetype: Phoenix
Aura Archetype: Innovator
Soul Archetype: Goddess

Amy is a certified Human Design reader, astrologer, money mindset coach, and small business mentor.

After years of in-depth research into astrology and Human Design, Amy innovated the Cosmic CEO Archetypes system. This extraordinary approach emerged from her desire to blend ancient wisdom with modern entrepreneurial insights, offering a celestial roadmap for business leaders to harness their unique cosmic blueprint and navigate their entrepreneurial journey with aligned grace and power.

She's passionate about guiding entrepreneurs to discover their unique Cosmic CEO archetype, so they can align with their natural gifts, and create thriving businesses with ease.