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Welcome to the Realm of Luxury and Beauty

Your Cosmic CEO Archetype is the Goddess. Draped in beauty and surrounded by the aura of luxury, your leadership is about grace, harmony, and aesthetic excellence. Let's delve into the rich tapestry that is the Goddess archetype, and learn how you can weave these strengths into your entrepreneurial tale.

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What does it mean to be a Goddess?

Being a Goddess means you're innately attuned to aesthetics, harmony, and luxury. Your values and approach are rooted deeply in creating a world filled with beauty, exclusivity, and connection. Here's a glimpse of the grandeur that lies ahead in your quiz results.

Beauty in Leadership:

Dive into your innate ability to lead with grace. Explore how you inspire and unite teams through the power of aesthetics and harmony.

The Luxury of Strategy:

Delve into your unique ability to combine opulence with effectiveness, crafting strategies that not only succeed but do so with unmatched elegance.

Graceful Negotiations:

Unravel your diplomatic communication style. Recognize how your desire for peace and relationship preservation influences your business interactions.

The Pursuit of Exclusivity

Learn how your fondness for exclusive experiences and opportunities sets you apart and attracts a clientele that resonates with quality and elegance.

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With an eye for beauty and a heart set on harmony, you lead by building an environment where everyone feels valued. Your leadership style is characterized by creating spaces that resonate with aesthetic beauty, peace, and luxury.

Leadership Style

Money for you is a tool to craft luxurious experiences and invest in quality. You value the essence of exclusive experiences and are not hesitant to indulge in the finer things to uplift your brand and lifestyle.

Money Mindset

Your strategy is rooted in creating beautiful, harmonious experiences. Every business move is aligned with your core values of beauty, luxury, and collaboration, ensuring that you attract the right partners and customers.

Strategy & Vision

Your creativity is steeped in aesthetics, designing services or products that emanate beauty and exclusivity. Every innovation is a blend of luxury and practicality.

Creativity & Innovation

Collaboration is a beautiful dance for you. You prioritize partnerships that resonate with your values, and through this, you bring together luxury, quality, and aesthetic harmony.

Collaborative Approach

Your communications exude grace and diplomacy. In conflicts or negotiations, your focus is always on upholding peace and relationships.

Communication Style

Luxury is not just external for you. You deeply invest in nurturing your inner world, aligning it with relaxation, self-care, and occasional indulgence to celebrate achievements.

Personal Development

More Goddess Love...

As an aesthetic visionary and diplomatic leader, your journey to success is adorned with grace and luxury. When you embrace your Goddess Archetype, you choose to:

  • Cultivate an environment that intertwines luxury and practicality, ensuring that every business venture is an epitome of quality and aesthetics.
  • Build a brand and a vision that resonates with luxury, exclusivity, and aesthetic brilliance, attracting those who value beauty and quality.
  • Prioritize collaborations that reflect your innate values, emphasizing aesthetic harmony, quality, and opulence.

Notable Goddesses

You're in divine company. Here are a few famed Goddesses who resonate with your aesthetic spirit:

Coco Chanel: The founder of Chanel, her name is synonymous with luxury, beauty, and unmatched elegance. Her journey from humble beginnings to becoming a luxury icon makes her a quintessential Goddess archetype.

Joanna Gaines: Designer and co-founder of the Magnolia brand, Gaines has a unique style that brings harmony and beauty into everyday living spaces. Her ability to create aesthetic connections aligns with the Goddess archetype.

Beyoncé: The global superstar whose every venture, be it music or business, resonates with beauty, opulence, and exclusivity, making her a true embodiment of the Goddess energy.

Anna Wintour: As editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine, Wintour has had a significant influence on the fashion industry. Her keen eye for aesthetics, and the diplomacy required to manage such a high-profile publication, embody the Goddess archetype.

Key Traits of the Goddess

Cosmic CEO™ Archetypes | Goddess


You believe in the power of collective effort, especially when it resonates with your core values.

Cosmic CEO™ Archetypes | Goddess


Your desire for balance and beauty in everything ensures an environment where everyone feels at peace and inspired.

Cosmic CEO™ Archetypes | Goddess


An innate sense of beauty guides your choices, ensuring everything you touch turns into a work of art.

Cosmic CEO™ Archetypes | Goddess


Beyond leading, you uplift those around you, ensuring they feel valued and integral to the collective vision.

Cosmic CEO™ Archetypes | Goddess


Your penchant for the unique and high-end ensures that your business offerings are unparalleled in quality and experience.

Cosmic CEO™ Archetypes | Goddess


Recognizing the importance of balance, you ensure that relaxation and self-indulgence are key components of your strategy.

Cosmic CEO Archetypes | Goddess Keywords

Goddess in a snapshot

A quick glimpse of your Goddess strengths, a testament to your luxurious and harmonious essence. (Right-click to save the image.)

Your Goddess Challenge

Your challenge is to maintain your unique blend of beauty and business, ensuring that while you prioritize aesthetics, the core business values are always in sync.

This week, strike a balance between luxury and practicality in your decisions.

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As you adorn your path with luxury, keep these potential challenges in view:

  • Balanced Indulgence: While luxury is pivotal, ensure it doesn't overshadow the functional aspects of your business. Maintain a harmonious balance.
  • Openness to Simplicity: While aesthetics matter, sometimes simplicity brings its own elegance. Recognize when less is more.
  • Pace of Decision Making: Your contemplative nature, while valuable, might sometimes slow down the decision-making process. Balancing your aesthetic pursuits with timely actions can be beneficial.

On your journey to opulent success, these inherent attributes light your path:

  • Beauty in Vision: Your touch adds beauty and opulence to every venture, setting you apart in the entrepreneurial realm.
  • Pursuit of Exclusivity: Your affinity for the unique ensures that your business offerings are unmatched in quality.
  • Collaborative Harmony: Prioritizing collaborations that resonate with your values ensures a seamless fusion of aesthetics and efficiency.
  • Elegant Diplomacy: Your graceful approach to conflicts ensures harmonious resolutions that value relationships.
  • Empowering Leadership: More than just leading, you empower, fostering an environment of mutual growth and prosperity.


What are the Cosmic CEO Archetypes?

The Cosmic CEO Archetypes are nine unique profiles that provide insights into different entrepreneurial styles and characteristics. These archetypes, based on 20 years of research in astrology & Human Design, help you understand your inherent strengths, preferred work styles, leadership tendencies, communication habits, and more. Each archetype - Alpha, Innovator, Visionary, Messenger, Strategist, Dreamer, Goddess, Mystic, and Phoenix - embodies a specific set of traits that can illuminate your path to entrepreneurial success.

How do I find out my Archetypes?

You already did! You've done the hard part and completed the quiz. Next, be on the lookout for emails from me with detailed results about your Primary, Aura & Soul Archetypes.

What's the importance of the Primary, Aura, and Soul Archetypes?

In the Cosmic CEO Archetype system, we focus on your Archetype Trinity - the top three archetypes that create your Cosmic DNA. Each type of archetype serves a different purpose, highlighting unique aspects of your entrepreneurial journey:

  • Your Primary Archetype, illuminated on this page, is the foundation of your entrepreneurial style. It reveals your natural approach to business, your leadership style, how you manage resources, and your perspective toward risks and challenges.
  • Your Aura Archetype, included the Trinity Report arriving via email, supplements your primary style. It reflects how you present yourself to the world, your networking approach, and how others perceive you in business interactions. It's like the 'energy' you exude in your professional relationships.
  • Your Soul Archetype, also included the Trinity Report arriving via email, delves into the deep-seated aspects of your entrepreneurial spirit. It showcases your core motivations, the direction of your personal growth, and the values that drive your business decisions. This is the part of you that remains constant, anchoring your business endeavors regardless of external changes.

Understanding these three archetypes can provide a comprehensive view of your strengths and unique approach to entrepreneurship. 

What does this mean for me?

While astrology captures our inherent tendencies at the moment of our birth, your Cosmic CEO Archetypes represent the entrepreneur you have grown into through life experiences, lessons, and evolving worldviews. They are the reflection of who you've become while navigating life's journey.

All nine archetypes exist within us, but it's the harmonious interplay of your top three – the Primary, Aura, and Soul – that molds you into a unique entrepreneur, paving your distinct path of individuality.

By discovering your Cosmic CEO Archetype Trinity and integrating it into your business, you'll unlock a profound level of authenticity. This authentic expression not only magnetizes clients and customers, but it also fortifies you against burnout, bolsters your confidence, and enhances your personal power.

Embark on this captivating journey with me to unveil your unique archetypes, and in doing so, master your individual entrepreneurial style. Let's harness the power of your uniqueness and step into the entrepreneurial potential that is distinctly yours.

Remember, embodying the Goddess is about blending beauty, luxury, and collaboration. Harness these celestial strengths to carve a niche in the entrepreneurial universe, where everyone is drawn to your radiant glow.

✨ Meet Amy, Your Cosmic Guide ✨

Primary Archetype: Phoenix
Aura Archetype: Innovator
Soul Archetype: Goddess

Amy is a certified Human Design reader, astrologer, money mindset coach, and small business mentor.

After years of in-depth research into astrology and Human Design, Amy innovated the Cosmic CEO Archetypes system. This extraordinary approach emerged from her desire to blend ancient wisdom with modern entrepreneurial insights, offering a celestial roadmap for business leaders to harness their unique cosmic blueprint and navigate their entrepreneurial journey with aligned grace and power.

She's passionate about guiding entrepreneurs to discover their unique Cosmic CEO archetype, so they can align with their natural gifts, and create thriving businesses with ease.