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Unleash Your Imagination

Your Cosmic CEO Archetype is the Dreamer. Fueled by passion, creativity, and boundless imagination, you are an avant-garde entrepreneur with visionary aspirations. Dive deep into what this means for you and how you can nurture these strengths to craft a unique entrepreneurial story.

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What does it mean to be a Dreamer?

Being a Dreamer means you're constantly thinking beyond the horizon. You're innovative, intuitive, and rely heavily on your creativity and passion to find unique solutions. Here's a glimpse of the topics we'll uncover in your quiz results.

Dreaming Beyond Limits:

Dive into your intrinsic ability to envision the future, imagining novel concepts and unique impacts.

Creative Pioneering:

Delve into your knack for thinking outside the box, and learn how this fuels your imaginative solutions and novel approaches.

Intuitive Insight:

Decode your instinctive understanding of situations. Understand how your intuitive streak helps in gauging the potential of dreams.

Emotionally Charged Actions:

Discover the passion that drives you. Understand how this emotional charge can be both your strength and challenge.

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In the world of business, you lead with vision and inspiration. Your passion and innovative ideas inspire those around you, creating a team that believes in the power of your dreams.

Leadership Style

Money for you is a medium to realize your dreams and make an impact. It's not just about financial gains, but how it can be channeled to breathe life into your imaginative ventures.

Money Mindset

Your strategy is interwoven with dreams. Big-picture thinking guides you, always aiming at bringing your unique, imaginative visions to life.

Strategy & Vision

Creativity is your second nature. Your business thrives on fresh, unconventional ideas that stand out, making a unique mark in your field.

Creativity & Innovation

Risks for you are a part of the journey to realize dreams. You’re prepared to venture into the unknown for the sake of your passion, always with an optimistic heart.


You communicate with emotion and vision, drawing people into your dreams, and making them stakeholders in your passion.

Communication Style

The world inside you is ever-evolving. You're always expanding your horizons, chasing new dreams, and exploring new avenues of self-growth.

Personal Development

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As an imaginative visionary, your path to success is paved with creativity and passion. When you embrace your Dreamer Archetype, you also:

  • Channel your intuitive insights to envision the future of your business.
  • Cultivate a mindset that prioritizes passion and creativity, looking beyond conventional boundaries.
  • Strive for growth by constantly challenging your imagination, pushing your creative limits.


You're in stellar company. Here are some famous Dreamers who resonate with your entrepreneurial spirit:

Walt Disney: The pioneer of the animation industry, Disney dreamt big, turning a cartoon mouse into a global empire. His vision for Disneyland was groundbreaking, making him an iconic Dreamer.

George Lucas: The creator of the Star Wars franchise has certainly shown the imaginative and visionary aspects of the Dreamer archetype.

J.K. Rowling: From penning down stories in a café to creating the magical world of Harry Potter, Rowling's imagination has touched millions. She embodies the Dreamer's passion and creativity.

Frida Kahlo: The renowned artist, with her unique, surreal paintings, dreamt beyond the conventional, pushing boundaries and expressing deep emotions, epitomizing the Dreamer archetype.

Key Traits of the Dreamer

Cosmic CEO™ Archetypes | Dreamer


Your ability to envision the unthinkable sets you apart from others.

Cosmic CEO™ Archetypes | Dreamer


A deep-seated passion drives you, ensuring your heart is always in your endeavors.

Cosmic CEO™ Archetypes | Dreamer


Your intuitive nature guides you, helping you to foresee trends and make decisions.

Cosmic CEO™ Archetypes | Dreamer


You always have an eye on the future, dreaming of what can be.

Cosmic CEO™ Archetypes | Dreamer


Your emotions are deeply tied to your work, making you compassionate and empathetic.

Cosmic CEO™ Archetypes | Dreamer


You think beyond boundaries, constantly innovating and reimagining.

Cosmic CEO Archetypes | Dreamer Keywords

Dreamer in a snapshot

Here's a brief overview of your Dreamer strengths. Keep this close as a daily reminder of the visionary entrepreneur you are! (Right-click to save the image.)

Your Dreamer Challenge

Your challenge is to ensure that while you dream, you also ground those dreams in actionable plans.

This week, convert one of your dream projects into a detailed action plan. Witness your dreams taking shape!

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As you ascend to the top, be aware of these potential challenges:

  • Balancing Dreams with Reality: While dreaming big is your forte, ensure you ground them with feasible steps to make them a reality.
  • Managing Emotions: Your emotionally charged approach is a double-edged sword. Ensure it fuels your passion, not overwhelm you.
  • Experiment with Conventional Ideas: While you're a creative powerhouse, sometimes collaborating with conventional thinkers can bring a balance to your ventures.

On your path to cosmic success, these inherent attributes propel you forward:

  • Boundless Imagination: Your capacity to dream sets you apart, making your entrepreneurial journey unique.
  • Passionate Drive: Your passion is contagious, motivating everyone around you.
  • Creative Solutions: Your innovative approach ensures you always have a fresh perspective on challenges.
  • Intuitive Strategy: Your gut feelings often guide you towards uncharted yet fruitful territories.
  • Emotional Connection: Your deep emotional bond with your business gives it a soul, resonating with many.


What are the Cosmic CEO Archetypes?

The Cosmic CEO Archetypes are nine unique profiles that provide insights into different entrepreneurial styles and characteristics. These archetypes, based on 20 years of research in astrology & Human Design, help you understand your inherent strengths, preferred work styles, leadership tendencies, communication habits, and more. Each archetype - Alpha, Innovator, Visionary, Messenger, Strategist, Dreamer, Goddess, Mystic, and Phoenix - embodies a specific set of traits that can illuminate your path to entrepreneurial success.

How do I find out my Archetypes?

You already did! You've done the hard part and completed the quiz. Next, be on the lookout for emails from me with detailed results about your Primary, Aura & Soul Archetypes.

What's the importance of the Primary, Aura, and Soul Archetypes?

In the Cosmic CEO Archetype system, we focus on your Archetype Trinity - the top three archetypes that create your Cosmic DNA. Each type of archetype serves a different purpose, highlighting unique aspects of your entrepreneurial journey:

  • Your Primary Archetype, illuminated on this page, is the foundation of your entrepreneurial style. It reveals your natural approach to business, your leadership style, how you manage resources, and your perspective toward risks and challenges.
  • Your Aura Archetype, included the Trinity Report arriving via email, supplements your primary style. It reflects how you present yourself to the world, your networking approach, and how others perceive you in business interactions. It's like the 'energy' you exude in your professional relationships.
  • Your Soul Archetype, also included the Trinity Report arriving via email, delves into the deep-seated aspects of your entrepreneurial spirit. It showcases your core motivations, the direction of your personal growth, and the values that drive your business decisions. This is the part of you that remains constant, anchoring your business endeavors regardless of external changes.

Understanding these three archetypes can provide a comprehensive view of your strengths and unique approach to entrepreneurship. 

What does this mean for me?

While astrology captures our inherent tendencies at the moment of our birth, your Cosmic CEO Archetypes represent the entrepreneur you have grown into through life experiences, lessons, and evolving worldviews. They are the reflection of who you've become while navigating life's journey.

All nine archetypes exist within us, but it's the harmonious interplay of your top three – the Primary, Aura, and Soul – that molds you into a unique entrepreneur, paving your distinct path of individuality.

By discovering your Cosmic CEO Archetype Trinity and integrating it into your business, you'll unlock a profound level of authenticity. This authentic expression not only magnetizes clients and customers, but it also fortifies you against burnout, bolsters your confidence, and enhances your personal power.

Embark on this captivating journey with me to unveil your unique archetypes, and in doing so, master your individual entrepreneurial style. Let's harness the power of your uniqueness and step into the entrepreneurial potential that is distinctly yours.

Remember, being a Dreamer is about channeling your passion and creativity to create a unique mark in the entrepreneurial world. Embrace your visionary side and change the world, one dream at a time.

✨ Meet Amy, Your Cosmic Guide ✨

Primary Archetype: Phoenix
Aura Archetype: Innovator
Soul Archetype: Goddess

Amy is a certified Human Design reader, astrologer, money mindset coach, and small business mentor.

After years of in-depth research into astrology and Human Design, Amy innovated the Cosmic CEO Archetypes system. This extraordinary approach emerged from her desire to blend ancient wisdom with modern entrepreneurial insights, offering a celestial roadmap for business leaders to harness their unique cosmic blueprint and navigate their entrepreneurial journey with aligned grace and power.

She's passionate about guiding entrepreneurs to discover their unique Cosmic CEO archetype, so they can align with their natural gifts, and create thriving businesses with ease.