Your Lunar business style is the

Purposeful Planner!

You align most closely with the New Moon, a time for setting intentions and envisioning the future. You excel in planning and strategizing for your business, setting clear goals that guide your actions. Your vision-driven approach helps you stay focused and motivated, even when challenges arise. Continue to harness this strength by regularly setting time aside to plan, dream, and set intentions for your business.

Magic moon society

Explore Magic Moon Society and 

In the Magic Moon Society, we harness the energy of the New Moon for setting intentions and creating actionable plans – which aligns perfectly with your natural business style. You'll find our community an ideal space to further refine your goal-setting processes and maintain your harmonious hustle!

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Empowering Community

Network with like-minded individuals for inspiration & collaboration, and enjoy the encouragement and guidance of a dedicated group.

Monthly Promo Opportunity

You'll gain access to our exclusive Full Moon Marketplace, where you can promote one of your offers (paid or free) each month on the full moon.

Accountability Partner

Collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs for shared inspiration and encouragement.

Magic Moon Society is designed to support and inspire all styles of entrepreneurs. We believe in the power of community, and we'd love for you to join us on this cosmic journey. Learn more about the Magic Moon Society here.